Livvie Lets Loose (and gives her opinion on everything and anything)


Finally, it is my turn to hold forth. Last week I told a story about puppies and change. Today I would like to speak about how everything in my family’s apartment belongs to me, and when I grant permission for others to share. 

First, my mommy belongs to me. The rule is that when I am climbing all over her and licking her face and chewing on her nose, other dogs should not come over. if they do, I growl and give a fierce look. If Kessie persists, we have a little play fight. I’m really not all that serious. There are times when I must be held very close by my mommy, and hugged and kissed. Usually no one interrupts.

Ok, Matilda’s red bed. She leaves a lot of spots open when she is lying down on her very large dog bed. I like to make use of the open spaces, and Matilda doesn’t seem to mind. So really, it is my bed. 

 I do share. Next week I might show you a picture of me and Kessie in a very tiny dog bed. He had just come to us, and was a little shy, but he squeezed into this teensy weensy bed with me, and I fell in love with him. I rested my head on him. Mom sent the picture to his foster mommy (where he lived for six months), and she cried.


Kes Conjures Compassion

Today Kes told me that he has been thinking about why his sister Livvie doesn’t like to share anything.  She pushes him away sometimes with her tiny white freckled paw.  He was reading about different types of ice, and said that … “He sees how a glacier grows by giving away almost as much as it has received….To get and to give, these are the balancing acts…”  (Gretel Ehrlich, “The Future Of Ice”).  Kes is that type of being.  He wanted to pass it on.Image