Adopt Adorable Tangelo at Sean Casey Animal Rescue

Here is a perfect opportunity to make a difference. This little pup came from an animal hoarding situation. You should research this if it is the first time you are hearing about it.  Poor little Tangelo, a Maltese, was one of many, many dogs all living in squalor and not  having their needs met. ImageSome of them never even got to go outside. So this little sweetie has been at Sean Casey Animal Rescue for about three weeks, and is the last of the group of dogs from that situation. I watched her little sister get adopted this afternoon.  She is shy, but sweet, and likes to be held. She is almost puppy-like.  It is estimated that she is around 8 years old, but I always remind people, small dogs live long lives. I would adopt her myself, but I already have three dogs. There is just such a sweetness coming from her. And her little tongue! I just love her. So will you. So… please, contact or go to Sean Casey Animal Rescue

153 East 3rd Street in Kensington/Windsor Terrace

(between Fort Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue) easily accessible via the F train

718-436-5163           Open daily 11am-7pm

Act now before someone else adopts her!