Chickens Inspire Kes with Compassion and Livvie to Let Loose

ImageI came home last night with six beautiful, freshly laid chicken eggs. They were from my new friends, Levon and Rosalita, two rescued chickens who live in a wonderful yard in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, Brooklyn, New York. I was visiting their human parents, who had set up a nice area for them. They have a lovely coop to roost in after dark, and and a fun yard to roam around and forage in. They get chicken feed and also wonderful left-overs from their parents.  I listened to them making their little murmury sounds while they slept. Being a city person, I’m not sure I’ve ever had eggs straight from a chicken.  As I cooked the eggs, I felt thankful to Levon and Rosalita. I marveled at their little set-up in a city back yard.

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Kes was urging Livvie to let go of her grudge against chickens, and Livvie was asking for a taste of egg, (or chicken). Livvie will forever be a soul whose entire life was changed by chickens. To find out why, look under the category “Livvie Lets Loose”. It was a few weeks ago that she decided to talk about puppies and change. You will see why chickens figure so heavily into her life.


Kes Conjures Compassion

I must say, I’m a little unhappy with my mom. I was supposed to speak about compassion on Friday, and already it is Saturday afternoon, and mom is only helping me do my post now. She says she is very exhausted, recovering from an injury. I’m not sure what that is, but she seems ok to me.

So, I wanted to tell you what I figured out to do when my sister Livvie wants to get what I have. I think everyone has trouble with things like this sometimes. I see tiny humans fighting over toys or their mother’s attention. I have even heard of some Dog Rescue Groups fighting about the way things should be done. Sometimes the people in the same Rescue Group fight over the way things should be done. 

So, I have decided that if I am cuddling with mom, and Livvie comes over and starts pushing me away with a little growl, that I will move over and let her have what she wants. Most of the time I will not growl or fight. A little while later I might come back and see if I can nudge my way into the cuddling. Usually it works well. We all cuddle. I think that when I back off, Livvie understands that I mean no harm.

Mom says that she has a friend who says that that is a good way to do work in a Rescue Group. If you have decided you like that Group, and want to help out and contribute, you have to focus on what you can do, and let go of the things you see that are difficult. She says that it is like coalition politics. People can sometimes work together on one issue that they all agree on, and then they have to let go of the other issues that they don’t agree on in order to get that one thing done. With Rescue Groups, everyone wants the dogs and cats and other animals to be safe and treated well, and to have good homes. Mom says it is really good to be like me. If you are working with a person who starts to growl a little, just walk away for a few minutes, and then come back and start over. She says that you can always start over, even in a conversation. Even if you might be a little angry, you can think of being compassionate, even if it is toward yourself. Breathe, and remember your goal. 

Thanks for listening,

Yours in lovingkindness,


Kes Conjures Compassion

ImageFriday has rolled around again. Ahhhh, how nice. Wouldn’t you know it, Kes has been reading Thich Nhat Hanh. This is what he would like share :

“How marvelous is the reality of the present moment! Each leaf is a universe of taste, scent, and memories. Each one is a unique world, both spiritual and temporal. A single leaf encompasses the entire universe.” (call me by my true names, The Collected Poems Of Thich Nhat Hanh, p. 106). 

Kes has been meditating on each leaf he comes across in our neighborhood. Often it will be a little plant growing at the foot of a maple tree, seemingly growing out of the sidewalk. He is encouraging everyone in the neighborhood to put away their cell phones and notice the plants and trees. He might just give your hand a little kiss.

Kes Conjures Compassion

Today Kes told me that he has been thinking about why his sister Livvie doesn’t like to share anything.  She pushes him away sometimes with her tiny white freckled paw.  He was reading about different types of ice, and said that … “He sees how a glacier grows by giving away almost as much as it has received….To get and to give, these are the balancing acts…”  (Gretel Ehrlich, “The Future Of Ice”).  Kes is that type of being.  He wanted to pass it on.Image