Adopt Adorable Brandy Alexander, A Cairn Who Never Had Anyone to Love Him!


Meet tiny Alex, a  little Cairn boy with huge beautiful eyes and a little button nose! This poor little guy was a bit of a mess when he lucked out. Col. Potter Cairn Rescue brought him into their loving environment. He now romps around in his Pennsylvania foster home, and pals around with his doggie foster sibling. He has learned to trust and loves to sit on laps. He adores his little blanket under the table, and has learned to come when he hears his name.  He never barks. As far as teeth go, he doesn’t have any. This doesn’t stop him from eating up a storm.  This little five year old wheaten-colored sweetheart needs his own home  and his permanent person or people.


Here is a picture of this little sweet potato at intake :

Here is his profile on Col. Potter Cairn Rescue:

Why not fill out an adoption application form while you are there!  You should also note that the amazing Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Group will transport him to another location, if you are not in Pennsylvania.

You should also know that his name, Brandy Alexander, came from the Name A Cairn Program and was donated by Claire M. in memory of her wonderful collie. Here is the link to donate to this special program:


Cutie Copernicus Cairn Needs A Home

This little 15 pound cutie is described by his foster mommy as one of the sweetest little guys she has met. He is an incredible love-bug who lives to be close to his humans. Being close with his personImage, and getting petted and scritched is what he lives for. He is also jaunty and cheerful, and gets along with dogs and cats and especially people. 

NEWS FLASH! As I write this, I have gotten word from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue that there is someone who has expressed interest in Copernicus (Nickname “Coper”.) This is very exciting. I would really love for this little munchkin to have his very own people and home.

So, check him out, just in case, and then check out all the other uber-cute, sweet, lively, loving pups on the site, and fill out your adoption form for your new best of all possible friends!

This wonderful Rescue Group (Col. Potter Cairn Rescue) is so dedicated, and very organized. The foster home parents all seem so loving and adept at training. They also transport the little cute ones, so you might find a pup in a state far from you, but still be able to adopt. These are important factors, because it means that you will adopt a dog who is in good shape medically and emotionally. Check them out!!! Matilda insists!

Adorable Loving Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle Mix) Needs Home

ImageBroderick  the Schnoodle Speaks:

Those people at Col. Potter Cairn Rescue are so funny! Here I am, a Poodle-Schnauzer combination, and they rescued me!!! Aren’t they the best. I was on the street, and they took me in. They even had a DNA test done on me, so I would know my genealogy. My foster mom says I’m a boy who loves to sit on the couch with her and watch TV. She tells people that I am smart, house-broken, and pretty calm. My favorite things are people and toys! I will run around carrying my toy and take it everywhere with me. I am kind of sad because I have been in foster care for a long time, and everyone keeps saying that I will get my very own home with my very own permanent person to love, but it never happens. I also live with five Cairn Terriers.  I think you might be getting my drift. 

So please, don’t be prejudiced about my age. I’m 9 years old, but small dogs live long lives. My friend who I am dictating this to had a little poodle who lived until she was 18 years old. Oh, and did I mention how smart both Poodles and Schnauzers are? (You might even want to read the piece on this blog about Mouschi the Therapy Dog Poodle).

So, please consider me. I’m a love. Go to:


Fill out an application and make the best decision you’ve ever made in your life! I’m in North Carolina, but the Rescue Group will transport me.

Adopt little Wizard, A Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Dog

Adopt little Wizard, A Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Dog

Wizard is a sweet tiny Cairn boy, who spent most of his life living outdoors. Then he was rescued and went to live in a terrific foster home, where he has been for several months. This little cutie didn’t want to leave his crate when he first arrived. His foster mom reports that he has gradually come out of his shell, and is zooming around the house , playing with his doggie foster sisters and befriending humans of all ages. He is now a snuggle bug, and I’ve been told that he loves to be close to his person or people, and he is also a good listener. He gives lots of kisses, and has learned simple commands. He has few teeth, but eats regular food with gusto. He is five years old, and weighs twelve pounds. To get more info about him, you can go to the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue page at:

This group is national, so even though little Wiz is in Denver, Colorado, they can transport him to another city. Adopt him before I fly from New York to Denver to adopt him myself!