Adopt Adorable Brandy Alexander, A Cairn Who Never Had Anyone to Love Him!


Meet tiny Alex, a  little Cairn boy with huge beautiful eyes and a little button nose! This poor little guy was a bit of a mess when he lucked out. Col. Potter Cairn Rescue brought him into their loving environment. He now romps around in his Pennsylvania foster home, and pals around with his doggie foster sibling. He has learned to trust and loves to sit on laps. He adores his little blanket under the table, and has learned to come when he hears his name.  He never barks. As far as teeth go, he doesn’t have any. This doesn’t stop him from eating up a storm.  This little five year old wheaten-colored sweetheart needs his own home  and his permanent person or people.


Here is a picture of this little sweet potato at intake :

Here is his profile on Col. Potter Cairn Rescue:

Why not fill out an adoption application form while you are there!  You should also note that the amazing Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Group will transport him to another location, if you are not in Pennsylvania.

You should also know that his name, Brandy Alexander, came from the Name A Cairn Program and was donated by Claire M. in memory of her wonderful collie. Here is the link to donate to this special program:


Adopt This Adorable Cairn Terrier Who has Been Released From a Breeding Facility

Equality 2 Equality 3Equality, (currently known as Izzie), is a wheaten-colored sweetheart who is finally getting to live a life of pleasure and leisure after being used for many years to breed. Her little face is angelic, and she has a bit of timidity, but she loves people and dogs. She has a gentleness to her, and is just learning to love having her belly rubbed. Sometimes you might see her rolling on her back in the grass to get a good back scratch, and hear her little feel-good groans.  She gets along with all six of the dogs in her foster home. Food is another favorite of hers.

I know that I would love to have her here in my home. It would feel so good to have this little cuddle-bug safe and sound and comfortable after all those years of having puppies.  She is currently in Arkansas, but the wonderful  Col Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Group can transport her to your geographical area.

Check her out on their page and fill out an application form while there

Adorable, Fun-Loving Sean Casey Pitty Needs Home

ImageI had so much fun taking pictures of Erica, a one and a half year old pit bull darling, who has been at Sean Casey Animal Rescue since she was five months old. She was found wandering the streets, and has now spent her toddler-hood at the shelter, soaking in the love of all the care-takers. She is very loving and extremely affectionate. She was licking my hand, and I could see that she would gladly sit on a couch and watch tv with me, cuddling as close as she could get. She is also so playful, and would have tons of fun in the park, running around and being joyful.  Erica loves everyone, from dogs to children. I don’t know where you would find a better dog. Please, run or drive or bike or take the subway as quickly as you can to Sean Casey Animal Rescue at:

153 East 3rd Street between Ft Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue

Brooklyn, 11218     you might also inquire via e-mail

or phone at 718-436-5163   They are open daily from 11am-7pm


Don’t let Erica spend one more night sleeping in the shelter. Give her the adoring home she needs.

Adopt This Adorable Charming Cairn Terrier

Branna is a charming, cute, loving girl. She is being fostered in Seattle. (the incredible Col. Potter Cairn Rescue group can transport her to other cities). This intelligent sweetie is eleven years old, but so spry that she goes on 6 mile hikes with energy to spare. Her foster mom says that she seems to be aging backwards!  She becomes more and more herself with each passing day.

Branna is social and affectionate and adapts to new situations easily.  She will take every opportunity to be cuddled or say hello, but not to the point of smothering her people.  She rolls on her back for a belly rub and will let you hold her like a baby.  She loves to play with other dogs and with toys, and has an easy-going attitude. The cutest habit though is her morning greeting of hopping and bounding like a bunny upon waking.


Please give her her very own home! Remember, small dogs live long lives. My adopted poodle Mouschi lived to the age of about 18!

Please go to:

for more information, and to fill out an adoption application for this amazingly special little girl.


Penny the Incredible Boxer-Terrier Mix Needs A Home

I went for a visit to Sean Casey Animal Rescue today. I met Penny, one of the cutest, most unique-looking dogs. No one can figure out why  she hasn’t been snapped right up by some lucky person or family. She has all the qualities you could want in a dog.


She’s adorable, and has a philosophical expression. She can look as though she is deep in thought, or completely amused and ready to play. One of her care-takers says that she is a dog who listens. Penny loves all people of any size and age, and most dogs. She isn’t huge, but she isn’t small. She’s from Georgia, but has adapted to Brooklyn, NY! I would definitely adopt her if I didn’t already have three dogs

ImagePenny looking philosophical

And if you like Boxers and/or Terriers, she fits that bill as well. So, what are you waiting for? Penny will complete your life.

Here’s the information:

Sean Casey Animal Rescue  153 East 3rd Street                                                     between Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue

phone: 718-436-5163                      e-mail:    Open daily 11am-7pm                          Reasonable adoption fee

Cute, Love-bug Sophie the Cairn Needs A Home


First of all, my full name is Sapientia! Aha!! You can call me Sophie. I am a petite Queen of my foster home. Although I’m 7 years old, but I appear to be about two. I am so cute, that you will feel like you are being tickled on the bottom of your foot, just from looking at me. First, my hobbies: I love to watch tv, especially comedy. On my profile, there is a picture of me standing on my back legs to get a better glimpse of my show.

My other hobby is swimming. I love water, that is, I love to jump into the bathtub and play in the water! My foster mom is going to get me a kitty pool to play in outside.

Then there are my bossing, protecting and cuddling hobbies. I love and get along with all the resident Cairn boys here, but I do boss them around. I protect my foster mom, but nothing major. I just like to be by her side to watch over her. She got me a ball, and together, we watch over foster mom, even on the bed, at night. Ball will keep us safe.

Foster mom taught me tricks. I do:  sit, stay, down and give my paw. There are two YouTube videos of me, but Matilda the greyhound can’t get them onto this blog post. If you are interested, you can contact the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue people via the above-listed site, and they will e-mail them to you.

I will need a patient home, but once I get settled in, I am truly a lover and protector. By the way, I am in Illinois, but Col. Potter Cairn Rescue will transport me. Isn’t that something! I think you will really love me, and I really need my own Fiefdom. Please go to the site and fill out an adoption application! You need me.

No cats please.

Cutie Copernicus Cairn Needs A Home

This little 15 pound cutie is described by his foster mommy as one of the sweetest little guys she has met. He is an incredible love-bug who lives to be close to his humans. Being close with his personImage, and getting petted and scritched is what he lives for. He is also jaunty and cheerful, and gets along with dogs and cats and especially people. 

NEWS FLASH! As I write this, I have gotten word from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue that there is someone who has expressed interest in Copernicus (Nickname “Coper”.) This is very exciting. I would really love for this little munchkin to have his very own people and home.

So, check him out, just in case, and then check out all the other uber-cute, sweet, lively, loving pups on the site, and fill out your adoption form for your new best of all possible friends!

This wonderful Rescue Group (Col. Potter Cairn Rescue) is so dedicated, and very organized. The foster home parents all seem so loving and adept at training. They also transport the little cute ones, so you might find a pup in a state far from you, but still be able to adopt. These are important factors, because it means that you will adopt a dog who is in good shape medically and emotionally. Check them out!!! Matilda insists!