Therapy Dog Day

Livvie, also known as Olivia, was stretching in this picture, after a long day at the office. It turns out that she has chosen her vocation, which is to be an empath of sorts. She can be found at her mom’s Psychotherapy Office, sitting on laps cuddling and listening to people who are in distress, or simply working on difficult issues.

Her first day at the office was only a week after she came home to Brooklyn. Her mom saw at once how friendly and gentle she was. Since there had been a request from one of her clients for a Therapy Dog in her session, Livvie’s mom decided to take Livvie to the office. (It should be noted that Livvie’s mom has had several Therapy Dogs, and has gone through training with them, and has many years of experience with two dogs who are/were registered with the group Therapy Dogs Inc. She put Livvie through her paces and saw right away that she was trustworthy, etc).

Livvie walked into the office that day and her mom’s client scooped her up in her arms, and held her to her chest for the entire session of difficult issues. Livvie put her head down on the client’s shoulder and settled in comfortably. It was the beginning of some amazingly significant emotional work for this client. Both Livvie and her client emerged over time as beings with a close bond, and having moved forward emotionally.