Matilda’s Progress


Matilda is doing well. Her fur has a lovely thickness and fuzziness to it. Her face is calmer and more alive. She is a little debilitated in the leg department! Her arthritis and slight neurological impairment slows her down, but she remains dedicated to seeking out all people and dogs who are walking on the sidewalk near us.  She  is strong, and if she wants to sniff additional blades of grass,  she will not listen to me as I urge her to come, even if I pull gently on the leash.  That shows her determined spirit and appreciation of the finer things in life (sniffing and sauntering and making friends). Later, in the evenings, after her dinner, she stares at me intensely and then begins her campaign with little high pitched barks. She wants all kinds of treats. Last night she was able to get 9 treats! Sweet potato chews are a nice addition. There are many others.

Her love-interest, Coby, is doing well, but is still healing from his infection, and has not been able to get together for their post-chemo reunion. We will keep everyone posted.


2 thoughts on “Matilda’s Progress

  1. It’s always nice to read a good report about Matilda’s progress. Perhaps we should all take a cue from her appreciation of the finer things in life! Continued good health, Miss Matilda, and best wishes to Coby, too. 🙂

    • cramercare says:

      Thanks Miss Harper Lee. I really love licking blades of grass. Nothing is better, but my sweet potato chews, duck breast chews, lamb lung crunches, cheese, and peanut butter. And I’m still skinny! But not as skinny as I was. Mom says that Coby and I will get together in a short while. We send our best wishes to you too, Miss Harper Lee. We hope you have recovered from your dental cleaning.

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