Adorable, Fun-Loving Sean Casey Pitty Needs Home

ImageI had so much fun taking pictures of Erica, a one and a half year old pit bull darling, who has been at Sean Casey Animal Rescue since she was five months old. She was found wandering the streets, and has now spent her toddler-hood at the shelter, soaking in the love of all the care-takers. She is very loving and extremely affectionate. She was licking my hand, and I could see that she would gladly sit on a couch and watch tv with me, cuddling as close as she could get. She is also so playful, and would have tons of fun in the park, running around and being joyful.  Erica loves everyone, from dogs to children. I don’t know where you would find a better dog. Please, run or drive or bike or take the subway as quickly as you can to Sean Casey Animal Rescue at:

153 East 3rd Street between Ft Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue

Brooklyn, 11218     you might also inquire via e-mail

or phone at 718-436-5163   They are open daily from 11am-7pm


Don’t let Erica spend one more night sleeping in the shelter. Give her the adoring home she needs.


2 thoughts on “Adorable, Fun-Loving Sean Casey Pitty Needs Home

  1. Great pictures of Erica. She has such beautiful eyes. I hope she’s curled up on someone’s couch very soon!

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