Chickens Inspire Kes with Compassion and Livvie to Let Loose

ImageI came home last night with six beautiful, freshly laid chicken eggs. They were from my new friends, Levon and Rosalita, two rescued chickens who live in a wonderful yard in Brooklyn, New York. Yes, Brooklyn, New York. I was visiting their human parents, who had set up a nice area for them. They have a lovely coop to roost in after dark, and and a fun yard to roam around and forage in. They get chicken feed and also wonderful left-overs from their parents.  I listened to them making their little murmury sounds while they slept. Being a city person, I’m not sure I’ve ever had eggs straight from a chicken.  As I cooked the eggs, I felt thankful to Levon and Rosalita. I marveled at their little set-up in a city back yard.

Mommy Loves BlogPawsKes6202013

Kes was urging Livvie to let go of her grudge against chickens, and Livvie was asking for a taste of egg, (or chicken). Livvie will forever be a soul whose entire life was changed by chickens. To find out why, look under the category “Livvie Lets Loose”. It was a few weeks ago that she decided to talk about puppies and change. You will see why chickens figure so heavily into her life.


2 thoughts on “Chickens Inspire Kes with Compassion and Livvie to Let Loose

  1. houndstooth4 says:

    Oh, Mom grew up on a farm and she says there’s nothing like fresh eggs! I’m glad they shared with you!


    • cramercare says:

      You know what, Bunny, both Livvie and I grew up on farms, and I’ll bet you did too—the greyhound breeding farm! I don’t remember it though, do you?

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