Penny the Incredible Boxer-Terrier Mix Needs A Home

I went for a visit to Sean Casey Animal Rescue today. I met Penny, one of the cutest, most unique-looking dogs. No one can figure out why  she hasn’t been snapped right up by some lucky person or family. She has all the qualities you could want in a dog.


She’s adorable, and has a philosophical expression. She can look as though she is deep in thought, or completely amused and ready to play. One of her care-takers says that she is a dog who listens. Penny loves all people of any size and age, and most dogs. She isn’t huge, but she isn’t small. She’s from Georgia, but has adapted to Brooklyn, NY! I would definitely adopt her if I didn’t already have three dogs

ImagePenny looking philosophical

And if you like Boxers and/or Terriers, she fits that bill as well. So, what are you waiting for? Penny will complete your life.

Here’s the information:

Sean Casey Animal Rescue  153 East 3rd Street                                                     between Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue

phone: 718-436-5163                      e-mail:    Open daily 11am-7pm                          Reasonable adoption fee


2 thoughts on “Penny the Incredible Boxer-Terrier Mix Needs A Home

  1. My daddy is a sucker for a scruffy terrier-mix face. Better not let him see Penny, but I hope she finds the perfect home very soon. I have a feeling she will. 🙂

    • cramercare says:

      I tried to reply on mom’s phone, but I guess it didn’t work. What I was saying was that you should show your daddy the picture of Penny, and then encourage your parents to bring you to New York for a visit! Then you could go pick up Penny, and take her home with you. That would be so funny, because she is from Georgia. So she would have travelled from the southern area to the northern (eastern really) area to the southern area.

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