Kes Conjures Compassion

Today is a very hot day here in Brooklyn. I have been napping near my big sister Matilda on her special bed, and enjoying the cool living room. It took a while for me to find this home where I feel so good.  I will tell you a little about how I was frightened when I first visited, and what my mom-to-be did to help me. I think we both showed compassion to each other.  I am proud of how I was able to progress as an evolving doggie, stretching  beyond fear, to acceptance.


All summer and part of the fall, my foster mom would take me on try-out visits for new forever homes. When she would leave, I would be heart-broken. I would go to the door and cry for the entire visit. No one wanted to adopt me after that. When she would come to get me, I would be so happy, but later I would get sick to my stomach. This happened a few times. My foster mom was not in the right situation to adopt me, and she was very responsible, but I didn’t understand that then.

One day, she took me to another home, and there were two dogs there who I instantly liked a lot. Livvie greeted me, and immediately gave me a peppy play-bow. After marking a nice chair, (in case I decided to stay), we raced around the apartment playing. Usually I am afraid of big dogs, but Matilda was lying down and just lifted her head to touch me with her nose. It felt like magic to be near her. I liked the human too.

Then my foster mom left, and I went to the door to cry. The new human came over and said, “I am going to have some toast. Would you like some? Come with me”, and she motioned for me to follow her. I went with her into the kitchen and watched her make toast. When she sat down at the table, she tapped her lap, inviting me up. I jumped up onto her lap, and she kissed my head. I gave her a bunch of kisses. She offered me some pieces of buttered rye toast. Yummmm! I found that I adored it! We sat for a while sharing toast.

Then she said, “How about if I read to you?” and we went to a big coach and invited Matilda and Livvie too. I lay down right next to her, and she read to us from a mystery novel that takes place in Vermilion Parish in Louisiana, right near where I used to live. (A James Lee Burke novel).

We all fell asleep for a little while.

Soon, some really nice soft-voiced new humans came over, and they all ordered Thai food. Matilda, Livvie and I also ate our doggie meals. Then  Livvie and I got into these dog beds under the table that were really cozy. When we all were finished eating, I sat in all their laps, and they petted me and told me that I was very handsome and adorable. They said that I was about to get very lucky. I was having a very good time.

When my foster mom came to pick me up, I was very happy to see her. She took me home, and I did not get sick. I was exhausted and went right to sleep.


Soon after that, my foster mom took me back, and I stayed. I did sit at the door and cry for a short time, but then my new permanent mom came over and said, “Would you like some toast?” and you can guess the rest.

That night, I got into a very tiny dog bed with Livvie, and felt so secure next to her warm body. Later we both curled up with our mom, and slept all night there. Matilda was at the foot of the bed. I had my new permanent family.


4 thoughts on “Kes Conjures Compassion

  1. houndstooth4 says:

    I’m glad to hear that you found your perfect place in the world! Your story made my tail wag!


  2. cramercare says:

    Thanks Bunny. I’ll bet I would like you too, if I met you indoors. Mom is still working with me on big-dogs-outside. I’m a gentle little fellow, but outside I can be fierce.

  3. I’m glad you found your forever home! I was so little when I came here, I don’t remember where I lived before. The first thing I knew, I fell out of a peach tree right in front of my Mom! She was so surprised, because there weren’t any cats close around! Do you think I grew on the tree?

    • cramercare says:

      Katya, maybe you are a peach. I think you have to consider it. Or maybe you are a kitty-peach hybrid. Mom told us that she used to have a hairless kitty, and she felt like a warm peach.
      -Your doggie friend, Kes

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