Cute, Love-bug Sophie the Cairn Needs A Home


First of all, my full name is Sapientia! Aha!! You can call me Sophie. I am a petite Queen of my foster home. Although I’m 7 years old, but I appear to be about two. I am so cute, that you will feel like you are being tickled on the bottom of your foot, just from looking at me. First, my hobbies: I love to watch tv, especially comedy. On my profile, there is a picture of me standing on my back legs to get a better glimpse of my show.

My other hobby is swimming. I love water, that is, I love to jump into the bathtub and play in the water! My foster mom is going to get me a kitty pool to play in outside.

Then there are my bossing, protecting and cuddling hobbies. I love and get along with all the resident Cairn boys here, but I do boss them around. I protect my foster mom, but nothing major. I just like to be by her side to watch over her. She got me a ball, and together, we watch over foster mom, even on the bed, at night. Ball will keep us safe.

Foster mom taught me tricks. I do:  sit, stay, down and give my paw. There are two YouTube videos of me, but Matilda the greyhound can’t get them onto this blog post. If you are interested, you can contact the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue people via the above-listed site, and they will e-mail them to you.

I will need a patient home, but once I get settled in, I am truly a lover and protector. By the way, I am in Illinois, but Col. Potter Cairn Rescue will transport me. Isn’t that something! I think you will really love me, and I really need my own Fiefdom. Please go to the site and fill out an adoption application! You need me.

No cats please.


2 thoughts on “Cute, Love-bug Sophie the Cairn Needs A Home

  1. Check out this video of Sapientia “Sophie” doing tricks: — so cute!

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