Livvie Lets Loose (and gives her opinion on everything and anything)


Finally, it is my turn to hold forth. Last week I told a story about puppies and change. Today I would like to speak about how everything in my family’s apartment belongs to me, and when I grant permission for others to share. 

First, my mommy belongs to me. The rule is that when I am climbing all over her and licking her face and chewing on her nose, other dogs should not come over. if they do, I growl and give a fierce look. If Kessie persists, we have a little play fight. I’m really not all that serious. There are times when I must be held very close by my mommy, and hugged and kissed. Usually no one interrupts.

Ok, Matilda’s red bed. She leaves a lot of spots open when she is lying down on her very large dog bed. I like to make use of the open spaces, and Matilda doesn’t seem to mind. So really, it is my bed. 

 I do share. Next week I might show you a picture of me and Kessie in a very tiny dog bed. He had just come to us, and was a little shy, but he squeezed into this teensy weensy bed with me, and I fell in love with him. I rested my head on him. Mom sent the picture to his foster mommy (where he lived for six months), and she cried.


2 thoughts on “Livvie Lets Loose (and gives her opinion on everything and anything)

  1. houndstooth4 says:

    Livvie, are you sure you’re not part Greyhound? Your views seem very familiar!


    • cramercare says:

      Well Bunny, mom asked me that very thing, when Matilda and I used to play, because I was faster than Matilda. So I must be a 50 mph couch jumper, rather than greyhounds and their 45 mph couch potato moniker,


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