Mischief Monday

Matilda’s sister Livvie has an interesting relationship to money. She adores making paper snowflakes out of it, and leaving it out where one will find it and marvel at the beauty. Image


2 thoughts on “Mischief Monday

  1. houndstooth4 says:

    Livvie, you are a true artiste! I am impressed!


    • cramercare says:

      Thank you Bunny. I am really a pretty unique little dog. When mom walks us in the neighborhood, everyone comes over to see Matilda because she’s so beautiful, like you are. Then I jump up and act really cute, and they fall in love with me too. When people visit us, I sit next to them and smile a half smile with just one canine tooth sticking out, and when they start laughing, I quickly give their noses a little play bite. They are very surprised and laugh even harder. I also get onto the kitchen table and do “paperwork”. Maybe I will talk about that in my column on Saturday.

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