Pretty Polly the Beagle, Friend to Westies and Cairns Needs A Home

ImagePolly the Beagle is the perfect dog. Why she was found wandering around in Long Island, or was surrendered to a shelter in Long Island, is anyone’s guess. Probably another case of human obliviousness. One can only speculate. But don’t speculate for too long, because it really is just a sin that Polly is not cuddled up in her permanent human’s lap right now. 

Polly is five years old, and very friendly and gentle. She’s healthy, and has no behavior issues. What more could you ask for? Cute as well. She is a lover of people and other dogs. Her big selling points are that she is mellow and she loves Cairns and Westies. 

The only drawback is that she may have already been adopted, if you wait another minute!

Contact (by phone or e-mail) or go to:


153 East 3rd Street       BROOKLYN     Open Daily 11am-7pm

(Kensington/Windsor Terrace…Between Ft. Ham Pkwy and Caton Ave)            718-436-5163


3 thoughts on “Pretty Polly the Beagle, Friend to Westies and Cairns Needs A Home

  1. cramercare says:

    Update: Polly was adopted Sunday!!!!

  2. Yea! She looks so sweet. No way she was going to be without a loving home for long. Keeping my paws crossed for all the many, many other dogs who are victims of human obliviousness (such a perfect phrase, by the way).

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