Adopt This Adorable Charming Westie!

Archibald or Arch is this charming, cute, sweet, intelligent boy who is being fostered in Dallas Texas. (The group can transport him to other cities) .He is so charming that even though he is a Westie and not a Cairn, the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue people have taken him in. He was in a shelter, sad as can be, and  basically wasting away. He is 7-10 years old, but completely spry, and learning sign language—– not because he is training to be an interpreter. He is deaf. If you adopted him, you could be part of the coolest group of people in the dog world: “Deaf Dogs Rock”. Look it up! So, he knows “sit”, “down”, , “shake” (both left and right paws) and “quiet “. There is a really cute video of him on the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue website, which is:Image          e-mail:

You can also find him on


He is friendly, happy, and loves all people and dogs. Please please give him his very own home!! Remember, small dogs live long lives. My adopted poodle Mouschi lived to the age of about 18!


16 thoughts on “Adopt This Adorable Charming Westie!

  1. houndstooth4 says:

    He’s adorable! My guess is that he will find a home pretty soon!

  2. Shelly-Anne Deschamps says:

    I would love to adopt him but I live in Canada is there anyway that I could

    • cramercare says:

      I e-mailed someone at the rescue to find out. You could also e-mail them and address the e-mail to Erin. Say yiu are in communication with me (Terry) and saw him on my blog.
      let me know what happens. he seems vgeat!!!

  3. amy hogge says:

    Thank you so much for helping us get the ArchMan a Forever Home. I am his foster mom, and he has been thoroughly road tested here at our house. It is obvious he was someone’s pet, as he came to me completely potty trained and interested in humans. He is a terrific house guest, but he needs a family of his own.

    • cramercare says:

      He is wonderful, and you are great. It looks like you are giving him an unbelievable foster home!!!

    • Tami Freeman says:

      Hi Amy
      Archibald sounds like a perfect match for our family. Belleflower came to us Nov 2011 and is a very happy westie. She also is down to only 4 teeth and loves to go see the vet 🙂 we take good care of her and hope she lives a very long time. Please help process my application so we can save on resources, as we will be in Dallas next weekend! We love Westies! Best Tami

  4. Hi Shelly-Anne! We do transport dogs — you will need to apply to adopt. We will do reference checks, a home safety visit, and once approved, you will work with someone on our matchmaking team. We’ll see if it’s a good match based on what the foster home has experienced and what your home is like and what you are looking for. Here is the link to the adoption application: Mention that you are interested in Arch in TX! Thank you! 🙂

  5. barbara melton says:

    I have an interested party in PA. They already have a Col. Potter Dog (Belleflower). Can you let me know who the matchmaker and foster are?

  6. Tami Freeman says:

    My name is Tami Freeman – I have filled out the application for Archibald – we will be in TX June 22nd with Belleflower! We would love to make Arch a part of our family……please contact me asap, all my info is on the application.

  7. I have adopted two Cairns from Col Potter. One is still with me. This Westie boy steals my heart. My Westie lived to be 16 and was deaf and blind when he died, but lived comfortably in his protected environment. I have filled out an application for Arch.

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