Matilda and Her Bandage


Matilda is home and getting comfy on her dog bed. She has this bandage on her paw and leg. It isn’t supposed to get wet. Of course it is pouring. She isn’t eating tonight, but the doctor said to just let her rest. I know just about anyone feels pretty anxious when that special dog will not eat. I am no different. I am worried tonight, but will try to stay calm, and then sleep. Thank you everyone for your supportive, beautiful comments.


11 thoughts on “Matilda and Her Bandage

  1. Sending her and YOU many, many prayers and much love!

  2. marianallen says:

    Poor Matilda! She has a very pretty, fancy bandage, though. I hope she’s feeling better soon. She looks glad to be home with her special friends. Pats to her from Miss Katya (cat) and me (human).

  3. Cheryl says:

    Matilda you have a special place in my heart…..

  4. Oh, Matilda, you wear your bandage well. Keeping my paws crossed for dry weather and a healthy appetite.

    • cramercare says:

      Thanks Miss Harper Lee. I ate a bit today, and drank water, but I also threw up. I felt happier and more relaxed today. I ran to the door to greet mommy.

  5. houndstooth4 says:

    Matilda, that is one rockin’ bandage! At least you look good, even if you don’t feel mah-velous! Here’s hoping you feel better soon. Tell your mom to put a breadbag on your bandage so it doesn’t get all yucky. We hounds have a reputation for looking good, you know!


  6. cramercare says:

    Thanks Bunny. Oh yes, I had the bread bag, but I was too sick to go out. I could hardly walk more than a few feet. I am a lot better today. I ate a little bit, but I still feel nauseated. It might be the antibiotics. Mommy doesn’t know how she’s going to get some more food into me tonight so I can take my Clavamox. I do still look pretty good tonight. Mom took a nice pic of me, but can’t get it to show up anywhere. Poor mom.

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