Kessie Conjures Compassion

Today Kes is thinking about his past, and how he wasn’t treated very well. He was very frightened when he was in a terrible place with cement walls and floor, and the smell of terror in the air. The large dogs made him quiver in panic.

He solved this feeling by cuddling with his mommy (me) and his sister, Olivia and his sister Matilda. He loves this picture of Olivia (Livvie), stretching, and getting ready to do “downward dog”. He wants to encourage everyone, dog and human and all other beings to follow his example, and use cuddling to feel better, rather than barking, growling and fighting.

He thinks he just put the picture of Livvie stretching on the blog, but he can’t find it, so he is getting frustrated, and will put a different picture on the blog. He appreciates your patience with his learning curve.

Mommy Loves BlogPaws


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