Matilda’s Progess and Canine Cancer and Philosophy

Matilda is essentially herself. She has a food issue, but has managed to eat enough to be over the weight she was when she became ill with Lymphoma and began chemo December 13, 2012. She now also has arthritis , and her walking is a bit impaired. She is in remission, and has only one more chemo treatment left, which is a week from tomorrow. Her spirits are excellent. She has a sense of humor, dancing around and flinging her legs wildly, while moving her head up and down like a horse, in order to get certain treats.

I have to keep in mind that her health situation might fluctuate. We have bought her time, but who knows how much. Kelly K of Wishcuit reminds us that dogs and humans get cancer at the same rate, and that there are dogs beating the disease with the advent of new  treatments. Go to for more info on how she is doing this work.

And of course, how do we humans cope with the advent of a life-threatening illness in that special dog in our life?

Rainer Marie Rilke once said that our “deepest fears are like the dragons guarding our deepest treasures”. I want to be the person who who digs deeper, transforms anxiety, and can be present and at peace with Matilda.
Tillie decided to wear a kerchief or babushka for her picture that got separated from this post. Some people might have observed that she resembles Meryl Streep in the film The French Lieutenant’s Woman. 


2 thoughts on “Matilda’s Progess and Canine Cancer and Philosophy

  1. Pam says:

    Only one more chemo? Yay! She sounds so great… I can just see her dancing around the way you described.
    I’m sure you must be concerned about the time she has left, but I know that whatever time you have bought her is very meaningful. I know that you do your best every single day to make sure she has the best day she can have. She knows that she is super loved, and every day that matters more to her than the cancer will ever matter.
    New York is nowhere in my future, so since I can’t hug her… please give her an extra hug from me every day 🙂

  2. cramercare says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. Yes, Matilda is a happy sweetheart. She is loved more every day.

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