Black and White Sunday

ImageMatilda wishes everyone HAPPY PRIDE! 


Kes Conjures Compassion

I must say, I’m a little unhappy with my mom. I was supposed to speak about compassion on Friday, and already it is Saturday afternoon, and mom is only helping me do my post now. She says she is very exhausted, recovering from an injury. I’m not sure what that is, but she seems ok to me.

So, I wanted to tell you what I figured out to do when my sister Livvie wants to get what I have. I think everyone has trouble with things like this sometimes. I see tiny humans fighting over toys or their mother’s attention. I have even heard of some Dog Rescue Groups fighting about the way things should be done. Sometimes the people in the same Rescue Group fight over the way things should be done. 

So, I have decided that if I am cuddling with mom, and Livvie comes over and starts pushing me away with a little growl, that I will move over and let her have what she wants. Most of the time I will not growl or fight. A little while later I might come back and see if I can nudge my way into the cuddling. Usually it works well. We all cuddle. I think that when I back off, Livvie understands that I mean no harm.

Mom says that she has a friend who says that that is a good way to do work in a Rescue Group. If you have decided you like that Group, and want to help out and contribute, you have to focus on what you can do, and let go of the things you see that are difficult. She says that it is like coalition politics. People can sometimes work together on one issue that they all agree on, and then they have to let go of the other issues that they don’t agree on in order to get that one thing done. With Rescue Groups, everyone wants the dogs and cats and other animals to be safe and treated well, and to have good homes. Mom says it is really good to be like me. If you are working with a person who starts to growl a little, just walk away for a few minutes, and then come back and start over. She says that you can always start over, even in a conversation. Even if you might be a little angry, you can think of being compassionate, even if it is toward yourself. Breathe, and remember your goal. 

Thanks for listening,

Yours in lovingkindness,


Cutie Copernicus Cairn Needs A Home

This little 15 pound cutie is described by his foster mommy as one of the sweetest little guys she has met. He is an incredible love-bug who lives to be close to his humans. Being close with his personImage, and getting petted and scritched is what he lives for. He is also jaunty and cheerful, and gets along with dogs and cats and especially people. 

NEWS FLASH! As I write this, I have gotten word from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue that there is someone who has expressed interest in Copernicus (Nickname “Coper”.) This is very exciting. I would really love for this little munchkin to have his very own people and home.

So, check him out, just in case, and then check out all the other uber-cute, sweet, lively, loving pups on the site, and fill out your adoption form for your new best of all possible friends!

This wonderful Rescue Group (Col. Potter Cairn Rescue) is so dedicated, and very organized. The foster home parents all seem so loving and adept at training. They also transport the little cute ones, so you might find a pup in a state far from you, but still be able to adopt. These are important factors, because it means that you will adopt a dog who is in good shape medically and emotionally. Check them out!!! Matilda insists!

Matilda’s Progress

Matilda is now one week post-last-round-of-chemo. She had blood work done yesterday, and her paw wound was checked by the vet. She is fine. Her energy has been low, probably because of the humid weather here. Matilda is gobbling down her food, and eating on her own, from her “big girl bowl”. Tonight she was dancing around begging for treats. Wherever I go in the neighborhood, if Matilda is not with me, people ask about her. ImageSome times people yell from across the street, “HOW IS MATILDA?”

Adopt Adorable Tangelo at Sean Casey Animal Rescue

Here is a perfect opportunity to make a difference. This little pup came from an animal hoarding situation. You should research this if it is the first time you are hearing about it.  Poor little Tangelo, a Maltese, was one of many, many dogs all living in squalor and not  having their needs met. ImageSome of them never even got to go outside. So this little sweetie has been at Sean Casey Animal Rescue for about three weeks, and is the last of the group of dogs from that situation. I watched her little sister get adopted this afternoon.  She is shy, but sweet, and likes to be held. She is almost puppy-like.  It is estimated that she is around 8 years old, but I always remind people, small dogs live long lives. I would adopt her myself, but I already have three dogs. There is just such a sweetness coming from her. And her little tongue! I just love her. So will you. So… please, contact or go to Sean Casey Animal Rescue

153 East 3rd Street in Kensington/Windsor Terrace

(between Fort Hamilton Pkwy and Caton Avenue) easily accessible via the F train

718-436-5163           Open daily 11am-7pm

Act now before someone else adopts her!

Black and White Sunday

Hi everyone. This is a picture of me relaxing. The truth is, I’m feeling a little weak from my last chemo. Mom is hand-feeding me, and I do enjoy the food. It is quite meditative to eat the food, kibble piece by kibble piece, even thought it does take a long time. Image

Also, mom hurt her back, and it really is hard for her to do all the things for us that she does. We hope she will be better in a few days. We might not post for a day or two.

Livvie Lets Loose (and gives her opinion on everything and anything)


Finally, it is my turn to hold forth. Last week I told a story about puppies and change. Today I would like to speak about how everything in my family’s apartment belongs to me, and when I grant permission for others to share. 

First, my mommy belongs to me. The rule is that when I am climbing all over her and licking her face and chewing on her nose, other dogs should not come over. if they do, I growl and give a fierce look. If Kessie persists, we have a little play fight. I’m really not all that serious. There are times when I must be held very close by my mommy, and hugged and kissed. Usually no one interrupts.

Ok, Matilda’s red bed. She leaves a lot of spots open when she is lying down on her very large dog bed. I like to make use of the open spaces, and Matilda doesn’t seem to mind. So really, it is my bed. 

 I do share. Next week I might show you a picture of me and Kessie in a very tiny dog bed. He had just come to us, and was a little shy, but he squeezed into this teensy weensy bed with me, and I fell in love with him. I rested my head on him. Mom sent the picture to his foster mommy (where he lived for six months), and she cried.