How To Help Animals In Oklahoma


Kessie (Matilda’s little brother), would like to let people know about some of the groups and individuals helping animals in trouble as a result of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. He thought that they could probably all use some donations. For instance, Kessie thought that:

Annie’s Ruff House

sounded like a good place to help. Their address and phone number are:

1043 N. university Blvd, Norman, OK. Phone: 405-310-3084.

He reported that

McClain County Animal Response Team

is posting info on lost animals and found animals on its Facebook page. Contact:

Donnell Weatherall at 405-301-7904

for animal rescuing and  sheltering (and to donate $)

Kessie was impressed that there was a resource for displaced horses:

Yvette Fees can take some horses in, and even  has a trailer and can assist in transporting horses to her property. Her contact info is:

405-589-0883 or

Any of these places can probably use direct donations of money.


These were taken from the web page of CBS 6  Richmond * Central Virginia,    DONATE: How to help animals affected by the Oklahoma tornado.



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