BlogPaws Honor Flag to My Pups

BlogPaws Honor Flag to My Pups

If only everyone who loves animals could go to BlogPaws. You wouldn’t even need to have a pet of your own, or a blog. The super good vibes and the caring at BlogPaws is enough to launch a very fine mood continually. Such generosity and supportiveness! I love you, BlogPaws!

One night we were having a do-it-yourself crafty night. Wanda Kruse thought it would be nice to make these little flags honoring our pets, some gone, and some still with us. Many of us sat for hours making these flags, and a few tears were shed. It was hard emotionally to make one for a dear friend we had lost not so long ago.

Mine is a thank you to the dear dogs who travel with me now, Matilda, Kessie and Livvie.

Thank you Wanda, for being so inspiring and encouraging.


2 thoughts on “BlogPaws Honor Flag to My Pups

  1. catchatcaren says:

    this s just wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m so glad that you had such a great Blog Paws experience!

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