Super Sweet Blogger Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

I was astonished to find that Matilda and I had received a Super Sweet Blogging Award nomination from Words With Wieners. We were very pleased for lots of reasons, but one is that we adore wiener pups, and we are so very impressed with Words With Wieners’ blog. We are also so new to blogging, and somewhat clueless technologically. We did learn a lot at BlogPaws this past weekend though. It doesn’t mean that we can figure out how to get the Super Sweet Blogger Award picture onto this post!! Instead we put a picture of Terry, Matilda’s humom with a tiny chick that she got to hold in her hands at the Jones Natural Chews Company booth.

So, thank you Words With Wieners. You are very kind.

Now the Rules:

* First, Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you.

* Second, Answer five super sweet questions.

* Third, Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award picture in your blog post….Uh Oh..,.I couldn’t figure out how to do this—Help!

* Fourth, Nominate a baker’s dozen bloggers to receive the Super Sweet Blogging Award

* Fifth, Notify your nominees on their blogs

Whew, now the questions:

1. Cookies or cakes?

Cookies!! Cookies!!! Cookies!! Melty warm choco chips, dissolving in your mouth!

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

When I was a child, if someone said they were allergic to chocolate and couldn’t eat it, I grew silent, and tried not to cry. It seemed like some kind of sentence. I would think people were lying if they said that they favored vanilla over chocolate.

3. Favorite sweet treat?

I have to say, Tira Misu

4. When do you crave sweet things most?

When I am anxious, such as right before a tap dancing competition. (lol, I don’t tap)

5. Sweet nickname?

My mom used to call me Terry the little blueberry

Ok, now the nominations:

*Wishcuit- Zoey and her Tutu Tour and One Cure, is the sweetest pup. She wears her tutu to show how sweet pit bulls are, and she and her mom are trying to build awareness about cancer in dogs, and how to catch it early. Matilda and I sure do appreciate this.

*Positively Woof- Larry Kay’s dedication to positive training is very sweet, and the picture of a dog seemingly smiling, with the caption, “I eat bunny poop,” is adorable.

* Keep the Tail Wagging- Kimberly covers just about everything on her blog , and much of her inspiration was from her sweet pup Riley who died very young from canine parvovirus. Kimberly and her dogs’ sweetness comes through all the way.

* MyGBGVLife- Emma the GBGV has about the sweetest face I’ve ever seen, and she expresses herself very adorably.

* Something Wagging This Way Comes – Honey is such a sweetie, I could just kiss her nose.

* Pixel Blue Eyes- Oh My Dog!!! Pixel is the funniest, cutest, sweetest pup. She can SNEER on command!

* The Pup Diary- Cubby and Ginger with their little furry snouts take many a  trip in NYC, and help with many great causes.

* The Lazy Pit Bull- what a character this sweetie is, and always helping other pit bulls get adopted!

* Heartprints Pets- Little Delia has the sweet appeal that makes you want to scoop her up into your arms.

* Catsparella- Wow! That cat Cheech has the sweetest nose, and everything else!

* Adventures Of A Cattle Dog- What could be sweeter than a cattle dog who is a therapy dog. Riley strikes some endearing poses on his blog when he is feeling well, and he is struggling with hip dysplasia

* The Royal Coonhounds- what special pups. I’ve rarely seen coonhounds, but I had the privilege of watching them at BlogPaws. Their faces are very studious.

* nepapets- I met Ricochet the JRT, and he reminded me of my child hood beagle. It felt good to see the sweet  connection between Ricochet and his mom.

So that is it. I apologize in advance for anything I got wrong!!!



8 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award

  1. catchatcaren says:

    congratulations on your award! My Mom loves tiramisu too!!!! Absolutely LOVE the photo of you from BlogPaws!

  2. You are so very welcome for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Anyone reading your blog can see that you and Matilda are super sweet! I really hope to see an update on her soon. How is her treatment going?
    You will figure out the techie stuff with time. It’s all a learning process. Google is your friend. And YouTube. Anything you need to know, it’s out there. Sometimes the information is outdated, though. So you either have to find newer information, or figure out how to connect the dots. But don’t worry ’bout all that. You’ve got what people are after… content worth coming back for. We all want to keep tabs on Matilda… plus you’re pretty charming too 😉
    I love your answers to the questions! Question two… yes to both things you said! People ARE lying when they say that prefer vanilla over chocolate, lol. It just can’t be true. And about being allergic… I never know what to say. I’m just dumbfounded. Like when people tell me they don’t like coffee. Being a severe coffee addict, my brain just doesn’t compute when people say those words.
    Anyway, I was happy to pass on a Super Sweet award to you and I hope you had a great time at BlogPaws!! You’re ahead of me there – I didn’t get to go. Maybe next year, but likely not. It’s in Vegas and it’s going to sell out really fast. Still… maybe… just maybe… 🙂

  3. cramercare says:

    Thanks! That littlechick was very popular!

  4. Congrats on your award!
    It was nice to meet you at Blog Paws!

    Nikita and Elvira send purrs and purrayers to Matilda!

  5. catsparella says:

    Thank you so much!! It was great meeting you at BlogPaws! *purrs*

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