Shall I Wake Them?

Shall I Wake Them?

As I prepare to leave for Blog Paws Conference, I watch my three sweethearts, Matilda, Livvie and Kessie. What goes on in their heads while they sleep? Is it really that they are chasing bunnies and squirrels? Or are they travelling like birds, riding clouds and eating hamburgers?


3 thoughts on “Shall I Wake Them?

  1. Have a great time at BlogPaws!!! Look at those three sweet ones! I hope they’ll be staying with someone special while you’re gone.
    Riding clouds and eating hamburgers, lol. I think you nailed it there.

    • cramercare says:

      Thanks so much. I have been having a great time at BlogPaws. I miss my Three, but I’ve met many wonderful pups here. They have been staying with one of their favorite friends, or rather she has been staying with them!

  2. Adorable. My mommy always wonders what I’m dreaming when my feet start moving and I make little horsey sounds. I’ll never tell. Best just to let sleeping dogs lie. 😉

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