Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Hi. Matiilda here. I wanted to let everyone know that on Sunday I went to a yard sale. This is a picture of me there. I don’t think we call them yard sales in NYC. It wasn’t really a stoop sale though. Anyway, I couldn’t play with the dogs there. One was too spunky and might hurt me, and the other doesn’t enjoy other dogs! You can’t really see, but the item on the right is a black sequined top, and I really wanted that, but mom said it wouldn’t fit me. Maybe mom will get me a nice sequined outfit?

Oh, also, I’m eating better as of yesterday, but I won’t eat my turkey and jasmine rice unless it is smothered in peanut butter. I am also enjoying applesauce.

Thanks for listening. (I’m very polite)


4 thoughts on “Yard Sale

  1. catchatcaren says:

    Matilda I like peanut butter too! You have good taste in clothes…that is a beautiful top!

    • cramercare says:

      Isn’t peanut butter the greatest! I even like to take pills if they are in peanut butter. I chew them up, thinking that they are candy!

  2. Shopping has a way of making a girl feel better. I just got over a bladder infection and my mommy gave me my pills hidden in peanut butter twice a day for two weeks. I don’t miss the bladder infection, but I sure do miss the peanut butter. So happy to hear that you are eating better! You are looking beautiful!

    • cramercare says:

      Yes, shopping is good! Mom just shopped on the computer and got my favorite treats!!!! I was sorry to hear about your bladder infection. I’m very happy you are better. Maybe your mom could get you some peanut butter flavored biscuits. I love those. I know some dogs have to watch their weight, but I am very skinny, and since I’ve been sick, we have to make sure I eat a lot!!

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