Mommy contemplates Black and White Sunday Picture

Mommy contemplates Black and White Sunday Picture

Mommy is sad because the Black and White Sunday picture is upside down. I am feeling sad for her because she tries so hard, and often these funny things happen to her. She says that sometimes my nose is not all in the picture. I’m not really sure what she means. I’m just kind of glad that she took the shawl off me and took the cow away. By the way, she says that this picture is the lake in Prospect Park. Thanks for listening,

Matilda the greyhound


12 thoughts on “Mommy contemplates Black and White Sunday Picture

  1. catchatcaren says:

    It’s actually not upside down

  2. Pam says:

    The photo showing is not upside down, but I’m thinking this is the contemplation photo… not the black & white photo which you say is upside down. I wish I could help you fix it. No matter what program or software you’re working with, there is almost always an option to rotate/flip the photo.
    If this IS the photo you’re referring to, then no, it’s not upside down. At any rate, this is a beautiful photo of the lake.

    • cramercare says:

      Hi, no the Lake photo is not upside down. The Black and White photo of Matilda lying down next to a plastic cow seemed to be upside down from the linky as I clicked to put it on the blog hop. It appeared to be upside down on the collection of thumbnails. I can’t find it on my blog though.

    • cramercare says:

      Hi, and thanks for liking the picture of the lake. I didn’t think the lake picture was upside down. I tried to post a Black and White Sunday picture of Matilda lying down next to a plastic cow. As I was clicking the Linky connection, I noticed that the picture was upside down. In the thumbnail, it looks upside down. Also, it hasn’t appeared on my blog. I must have done something wrong, but I’m not sure what. I did successfully post last week, but it took two tries. I would try again, but I don’t want to post twice, if it has appeared on the thumbnails. Thanks again for replying!


      • Pam says:

        Okay, I went back to the B&W blog hop thumbnails and I see what you mean… the thumbnail of Matilda with the cow is upside down. I can’t find that one on your blog either, just the one of Livvie (which is beautiful, by the way and she is definitely looking very intense).

      • cramercare says:

        Do you think anyone would mind if I tried to do it again? Otherwise I will leave it alone.

        Yes, Livvie is the most intense dog I have ever adopted!



      • Pam says:

        I don’t think anyone will mind if you try again. Everyone that I have encountered that participates in the blog hops has been very nice; and everyone seems to support each other. There might even be others who know what went wrong with your first one. I am new to participating in the blog hops as well (have only done a few so far), so I understand feeling frustration when something goes wrong.

  3. cramercare says:

    It isn’t? Oh, I’m very excited. On the thumbnail from this perspective, it looks upside down. Thanks.

  4. Oh, Miss Matilda, sometimes my mommy gets very upset when she is doing computer things and they just don’t seem to be working out. And then I get upset because she’s upset and I just want her to be happy all the time. I’ll bet when she walks away from that silly computer and sits down next to you and you put your beautiful head on her lap, everything seems much better. I know that works for my mommy and me. 🙂 Have a beautiful Black and White Sunday . . . and don’t let silly computer things get you down!

    • cramercare says:

      Well, Mis Harper Lee, you are right. What I do is I send my sister Livvie to jump onto mom’s lap and smile and bite her nose. Livvie loves to do that and it makes mom laugh very hard. We all try to get her not to work on the computer by barking and whining, but it doesn’t work. You are a gentle soul, Miss Harper Lee. What gorgeous pictures there are of you on your blog!!!


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