Beautiful Day

beautifulKensingtongarden2012Our neighborhood is flowering. We saw magnolias and even the forsythia have stayed around. Matilda loves to put her nose in flowers and grasses. Her tiny white eyelashes are usually blinking as she raises her head to sniff the breezes.

til wet o9The last two weeks have been difficult. Matilda cut her foot, and also had an episode of disorientation and not eating. Today she is herself. She loves to roll onto her back on the couch and let her back legs stick up in the air. Sometimes she loves to let her head hang off the side of the couch. We have only four more chemo sessions left, but it will be over a two month period.  Today I am trying to stay in the moment. Matilda is here, resting on her bright red dog bed, stretching her long legs out, and her bucky beaver front teeth are so cute. Matilda is my anchor, calm and solid, always going forward. For now.

Matilda continues to heal

Matilda had chemo today, and it went well. She continues to be on the mend. It seems so ironic, because she also continues to age. At thirteen, she is having a little trouble with arthritis in her back legs. Last night she couldn’t get up on the bed, and became agitated. I brought her dog bed in and put it right next to the bed. She paced and paced and panted and panted, but finally settled in with a treat. We will see what will happen tonight.¬†Image