Eating problems

Have you ever tried to feed a large dog who pushes her enormous bowl away energetically with her gigantic nose? This is Tillie. Today we are trying a turkey and rice diet recommended by the veterinarian and author Donald Strombeck. Matilda has already gone through the following combos: her regular kibble with cheese, her regular kibble with sardines, her regular kibble with mounds of peanut butter, her regular kibble with honey-roasted turkey, her regular kibble with all of the above. She stopped coming to her bowl when the chemotherapy began 6 weeks ago. However, she would eat voraciously from my hand. Luckily, she has eaten enough to have gained 4 or 5 pounds. Tillie has a sensitivity to beef and chicken. Tonight I will be trying something creative. Stir-fry? Honey? Standing on my head?


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