Cardiology for dogs

We had to take a trip in to Manhattan from Brooklyn.  Matilda had to  have an echocardiogram to determine whether or not she could get adriamycin, the next chemo drug  in the protocol. We used Pet Chauffeur, and I lay on the floor with her, which was quite a bit more relaxing than sharing the back seat of a car service. It went smoothly, and she is cleared for the medication. As we sat  waiting for the Pet Chauffeur, I felt a huge wave of sadness . A small woman sat with a chubby Shepherd mix draped in her lap, nearly obscuring her. Later I saw that she and her partner had come to visit their other dog, a small furry red enthusiastic being, who was being held and lowered down to say hello to the Shepherd mix. The red dog was wiggling and wagging, and very excited and happy to see her dog companion.  I wondered why the red dog was hospitalized. I saw an older beige Cocker Spaniel named Tony being brought out to his leather-clad person. A curly haired woman and her poodle Chloe began leaping about when they were re-united. All the pups had that little shaved area on one foreleg, or they had the little bandage there. One couple came in and were handed the sad green bag. All these people and dogs and cats and their beautiful bonds! All realizing way too soon how fleeting life is.  


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