Kes snuggles under Matilda

Kes snuggles under Matilda

This is Matilda’s other sibling Kes. He is named after a Star Trek Deep Space Nine character. He loves Matilda so much that he lets her rest her head on his much smaller body. He came to us from the wonderful rescue group Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, via Louisiana. If you are looking for a dog to adopt, please consider Badass Brooklyn. I have more pictures of Kes, but right now they insist on being upside down, and will “not comply” with my right side up wishes.


Diet for Dogs with Cancer

Matilda is now eating a diet recommended by Dr. Donald Strombeck from a book entitled HOME PREPARED DOG & CAT DIETS. This was recommended by my oncology vet. It was interesting to read that older dogs and also dogs with cancer require more protein, rather than less (than younger dogs). They also require the remaining calories (other than the protein) to be at least 50% fat. He recommends canola oil and /or chicken fat (in certain amounts of course). Matilda is now eating  a diet of boiled ground organic turkey with brown rice, pumpkin, sardines and canola oil. She takes her pills with peanut butter. She is eating well, but this week only with the aid of an appetite stimulant and an anti-nausea medication. So far, she has gained a few pounds, rather than loosing. She also takes vitamins and cosequin and bone meal. She seems pretty happy, and is begging for treats. Image


These are  Matilda’s windows . Matilda is still here, but her days are numbered. It is true of all of us, but her illness telegraphs an approximation. Some day I will say, “These are the windows Matilda used to go to.” I touch her silky black fur, and watch her lounge on her brown fuzzy dog bed. She looks the same, seems the same, but the process of leaving us has started. We try to keep her longer by treating her Lymphoma. L-CHOP Protocol they call it. It can bring her a year of life. Now, even one day is an eternity, my precious Matilda.Image